Monday, January 11, 2016

Thursday, October 22, 2015

A revision to the Valiant Mystery Box

     I had spoken with Valiant about the box. I received another box of comics. This time, everything was packaged very nice and included with this package was a Bloodshot Reborn 1 gold. Very stoked. Valiant always takes care of its fans.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Valiant Mystery Box From Groupees

Oh, the misery...

A while back, Valiant Entertainment had partnered up with a company called Groupees to offer digital copies of some of their titles, much like Valiant had done with Humble Bundle a year or two ago. I had not planned on taking part, mostly because I had done the Humble Bundle and did not really need more digital books. I'm not a fan of digital. Oddly enough, I would have liked it more if it had been done through Comixology and had a good comic reader to go along with it, but that's another complaint for another time.

The Groupees deal had some things going for it. For one, for every 250 packages sold, they added another book to be read. Then, they offered...The Mystery Box. Yes, a box of Valiant greatness, no idea what, but it would come to my house and be mine for $50. Well...why not? I mean, now we're talking books and some other stuff, too and I can always use more comics. They had said it would be about $175 worth of books. Shipping wasn't included and we'll get to that. If you even more money to spend, you could get some even crazier stuff.

I went for it. I mean, they put out all these cover B, cover C, pullbox variant, second printings, ect. and I don't have all of it. I own no trades because I donated all of the Valiant ones I had to my local library.

Valiant did pretty good with it. They sold over 1,000 bundles. That's pretty good. I did wonder how many like me who already had a lot of stuff went and gave them more money. I had e-mailed back and forth with a gentleman from Groupees about a lot of stuff. We'll keep his name off this, but he had stated that there was still shipping to pay and that Valiant would mail everything out. I thought it sounded even better. I get the books from Valiant? This was sure to rule, right? Well...

Earlier this year, I donated over 120 comics to a local shop to be given away during Free Comic Book Day. Anything to help my favorite small publisher. And in doing so, Valiant sent me a gold comic. Looking back, that book is pretty damaged because it wasn't packaged great. It's weird seeing people on or Facebook get stuff from Valiant that is in perfect condition, while mine looks like it was rolled along the corner of a table on its spine. It's pretty bad, but still, they didn't have any obligation.

What all the books look like.
I received an email asking for the shipping. Come to find out, it was $20 to ship this stuff. I was a bit skeptical now. I mean, I ship books and Priority Shipping isn't that much. Maybe it's to send some crazy cool stuff and protect it? Maybe I get a Ninjak or Bloodshot Returns box cutter? Something?

I got my box this afternoon. The top picture says it all. That is what it looked like on my front step. All the comics are damaged on the same spot, top right and some fuzzy corners on the spine. Honestly, I regret doing this. $20 shipping got me a bunch of damaged books sent to me. Also, I got a pack of Mini-Mates that looked like someone ripped it off a hook. The packaging has seen better days.

I got a shirt, one of the 25th Anniversary shirts with the first half of the year's convention dates on it. That's cool. I got 5 trade paperbacks:
  • Archer And Armstrong volume 1: The Michelangelo Code
  • Harbinger volume 1: Omega Rising
  • Rai volume 1: Welcome To New Japan
  • The Valiant
  • X-O Manowar volume 1: By The Sword
The TPB's are in great shape. I was shocked by this.

Sadly, I did not get a single book that I didn't already have. Not a single variant, pullbox, second printing, whatever, that I did not already have.

I wouldn't do this again. I mean, I'm out $70 and I got 5 trades that I had all the issues of. Hell, I have all the available Valiant hardcovers, with The Valiant HC ordered. It is kinda nice having Rai in trade. It's great stuff.

I sent my e-mails to Valiant and Groupees tonight. Added photos to the Valiant one. It was an online form for Groupees so no option. I will wait and see what is said but this was a bad choice.

Friday, August 28, 2015

1 Valiant Book Away

This is the end.
It's been pretty crazy, but I am so close to finishing my goal.

The book above, Eternal Warrior Yearbook 2, is the last book I need for a finished run of the old Valiant universe. I got a few in my sights and probably end up pulling one this weekend.

It'll be great to be done. I love Valiant but I mostly want the newer stuff. I would imagine the book above to not be that great. Seems like so much of this stuff is hit or miss after a few years. Pre-Unity is great but from there, it's hard to like a lot of this stuff.

I still don't have all the gold books but there's nothing hard to get. It's all out there.